Outsourcing is no longer a new concept in the business world, and in recent times outsourcing a company’s facility management operations has become really popular. But how do you know if your organisation does need to outsource its facility management operations and not just follow the fad?

While it may be crucial for large organisations and commercial property owners to delegate the maintenance and management of their facilities to a professional company, it may be best for very small businesses to train their own personnel to perform the same functions that a facility manager would.

If your company is a large one or you own a string of commercial properties, you may however want to hire a professional facility management company like JEF to help you manage your facility (ies) for the following reasons:

  • After personnel costs, facilities costs usually constitute a huge portion of a company’s assets and expenses. It only makes sense to pay it the same attention that is paid to personnel costs. Facilities are about an organisation’s largest assets and represent a significant cost of doing business. You will need a professional who has the knowledge of maximising value and minimising costs, and who has the technical knowhow to add directly to your bottom line.
  • Having a professional facilities management resource helps to lower costs in the long run. While it may cost a little more to hire a facility manager initially, over time your company will save costs. This is because facility managers spot problems as they arise, solve them and minimise risks.
  • Where we work is extremely important, and has a direct impact on productivity. A facility maintenance professional will take the time to understand your company’s business and work to provide a conducive environment for your staff to work.
  • Hiring a facility manager will make for less down time in your operations. Because they provide both preventative and reactive services, problems with your facility are quickly resolved, so you can carry on with your business as usual.
  • Facilities require an entire team of generalists and specialists to provide services, and a facility manager understands how to make your resources work together to maximise value and reduce risk.
  • Hiring a facility manager saves you time. Your business can concentrate on its core business and you don’t have to worry about secondary factors such as managing your facility.

To find out more about why you may need a facility manager, why not contact us at J.E.F. Integrated Synergy? We will be glad to speak with you.

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