What your facility manager should be doing for you

0a58ffd0-f150-4432-8510-d3baae25949aWhat your facility manager should be doing for you

A facility manager is supposed to give you peace of mind by seeing to it that the maintenance, management and upgrades of the systems that make your business run smoothly are properly overseen.

Simply put, he has the responsibility of ensuring that your facility runs as it should on a daily basis. So, if you have a facility manager in your employ, you shouldn’t be the one worrying about the day to day running of your facility; This is his responsibility.

These are the four things your facility manager should be doing for you:

Inspections: He is responsible for carrying out inspections of your facility, whether on a daily or weekly basis and will communicate with decision makers in your organisation as per the running of the facility.

Emergencies: He deals with emergency issues that arise. These issues may be issues of safety, security, or usability. To deal with emergencies, he must have contingency plans regarding what should be done should certain situations occur.

Replacements and repairs: Because management and maintenance are two sides of the same duty, your facility manager must always plan ahead for any required replacements and repairs. He must also schedule necessary maintenance and management tasks during periods that are least likely to disrupt your business function.

Planning for the future: He needs to ensure that the facility will continue to be well run even in the future. Thus, he will need to project future requirements concerning the company, working with decision-makers to determine what is best for the facility in terms of equipment and infrastructure.

If your facility manager is not doing all of the above for you, he is not fulfilling his responsibilities. He must also be highly qualified, knowledgeable, and personable.

Other characteristics of a great facility manager are conscientiousness and diligence.

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